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Friday, January 19, 2018


This week we make connections between Dr. King and ourselves.  
We continue to work to be peaceful problem solvers.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

PBIS Incentives

Fort Day

Thanks to those families that sent in blankets and clips for our class incentive for earning over 1700 dojo points in the month of December.  The forts were priceless, especially the use of clips.  It was a great opportunity for classmates to work together.  Once built children spent time reading together.

Mrs. Noel also surprised us with the chicken dance wearing a silly costume.  This too was an school incentive for collective dojos earned.  I'm not sure who had more fun Mrs. Noel or the children.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Best Friends Veterinary Clinic Field Trip

We were thankful for pleasant weather (a little windy) for our walking trip over to see where Mrs. Lee works and learn more about animal care.  Be sure to have your child talk more about each picture and what we were doing/learning at the clinic.

Ear Mites.......ekkk

the scale

And a little surprise for all....😁😁

December Fun!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable time over the holiday.  I know I appreciated December with your children. As they anticipated a visit from Santa it is my reminder of how special 5 is.  Our school wide toy collection was a huge success thanks to all of your generosity.  While we did not collect the most toys we were in the lead for so many weeks.  It was great to hear our homeroom in the lead over the announcements.  Our reward were the character visits and the photo captured our class well.

The light up board we borrowed was a hit as we explored shape.

Mrs. Lorge's Snowman Ice Cream treat hit the spot.  
I remember eating those as a child around the holidays.
Lots of ohhhs and ahhhha.

A special visit for our super kid.

Mini cucumbers at snack were a clever treat.

The stockings were hung by the cubbies with care!

We continue celebrating each super kid in our classroom!  

The little elves in room 204 worked hard to create a gift for you independently.  
We hope it made a keepsake ornament.  I know at the Jarvis house I have ours 
hanging from our window locks as a winter decoration.  
That way I'm able to enjoy it just a little longer.

Listening to the High School carolers was a treat too.

Thanks for all of your donations for our holiday party before break.  The photo booth was a hit with many. Building trees with cups, a Grinch snack, pint the heart on the Grinch and reindeer roundup...priceless.   A special thanks to those parents that could come lend a hand and enjoy the fun.