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Friday, November 10, 2017

Fun + Work = Learning

                   Super kid this week brought in a special show and tell!
 Thank you for supporting our book fair dress up days.  Our class has enjoyed the book donations from Ashley, Katelyn, Benjamin and Aaron.  Thanks!

                                           Thank you for another super kid share!

                                                    Word Work

 Thanks to the families who sent in box tops.  Our class won the ice cream party  for collecting the most.  Together our school raised over $500 from those  ten cent box tops.  Keep collecting for our new elementary schools.

Monster Party was a fun shared reading book which resulted in these monster milk jugs.  Hope you have had a chance to try the sight word flash card games that were included inside.  Building this base of sight vocabulary in playful ways                         will have a big impact on beginning reading confidence.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

October Photos to Share

Spookly was a big hit. In the story Spookly is teased by the other pumpkins. Just in time for Halloween during a storm Spookly saves the day.  This led to great conversations about acceptance and bully prevention. The children still talk about this field trip and the connection they had to the puppets.  With our buddies we made Big Tom and Little Tom and wrote our own character traits. 

In October we ALL earned our dojo incentive of a popcorn party with the movie Spookly.  Many of us ate lunch in the classroom.  8 top earners this month also visited the Jump Houses early.  In November we will earn personal incentives and school wide awards.  We are well on our way following the Wolf Pack Way.

On the playground we spied this really cool leaf bug.  
It was hard to camouflage on the brick. 

Welcome to our new friend.  Be sure your child tells you her name.  
Our class now has 24 children.

We were excited to go to first grade as they celebrated their reading.  It was nice to be paired up and see that even in first grade they have reading mats, book boxes just like us.  They are an inspiration to us.

Finally we started our super kid weeks.  Our first super kid brought her mom on Wednesday as a special show and tell.

We are grateful to the well planned and executed party hosted by our room mom's.  Ryanne and Suzanne did a nice job planning engaging and open ended activities.   Thanks to those who donated items.  We were glad to see Audrey's Grandma, Ashley, Molly, Jude's, and Caden's mom as well at the party.  Many hands make for light work. The super behavior of your children also made it fun for all!  Below are some shots captured of the fun we shared.